A world where every human being is being loved &cared, educated, healthy, equal, safe and has a source of income and a bright future.


           To provide such a society which is free from illiteracy, inequality, unsafely, helplessness, backwardness, unemployment, injustice and exploitation to the forth coming generation.


  • To provide each illiterate person an opportunity to become literate and providing computer education also.
  • To empower women by providing them education, safety, health facilities, equal status and self dependence.
  • To work for the help of Cancer and HIV/AIDS patients.
  • To encourage and conduct programs of environment conservation like plantation and conservation of underground water, etc.
  • To develop a sense of brotherhood, oneness and unity among people and to eradicate discrimination related to sex, caste, color, religion or region.
  • To provide help and support to help less old people and physically challenged people and to make them self dependent.
  • To promote rural and cottage scale industries and to give practical training related to these to the people of backward and weaker sections of society and to generate employment for them.
  • To work for the upliftment of widows and orphans including destitute children and to connect them with the main stream of the society.
  • To provide free treatment and to conduct free health check up camps for the poor and neglected people.
  • To create awareness among people regarding the evil effects of practices like child marriage, dowry, female foeticide, domestic violence, alcoholism, etc.
  • To generate awareness regarding myths associated with diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Cancer, etc, and to try to stop stigma and discrimination associated with these.
  • To make every citizen aware of his/her rights as well as duties and to generate a sense of social responsibility among them. To help them become a good and more useful citizen of their nations and to reach their fullest.
Target Area


Lt. Th. Shiv Shanker Singh Chauhan Shiksha Vikas Evam Samajotthan Samiti popularly known as ‘Pragati Rath’ is a registered voluntary organization which is registered under Societies Registration Act No. 21, 1860 and of which registeration no. is J 24671. As name suggests, this society is working for education especially rural education and social empowerment in each and every possible manner. Its main aim is to work for the development and welfare of all especially for the peripherals such as destitute children, women, physically challenged, helpless old people, cancer & HIV/AIDS patients…
Pragati Rath was formed in the loving and inspirational memory of Lt. Th. Shiv Shanker Singh Chauhan, popularly known as Thakur Sahab, who was a social worker and worked for the welfare of the underprivileged till the last breath of his life.

Our Inspiration :

Thakur Sahab was born on 1st August 1931, in a royal family where his father Lt. Th. Lakshman Singh Chauhan was the captain of 40 villages under the kingdom of Samthar Estate and his mother Lt. Thakurain Raja Beti was the princess of Amravara Estate. Thakur sahab got royalty, bravery, courtesy and strong will power in his blood. From his childhood only, Thakur sahab was against the evil practices like child marriage, restriction of girls’ education, dowry, caste system, untouchability, etc. He started raising his voice against all these and tried people also to make aware of the evil effects of these, but as usual people started opposing him. He got so much of distress from local people especially the people of higher classes. But he kept on moving. Meanwhile, he went to Mumbai for higher studies. There some more sensible and crucial issues came to his sight as the poor and miserable condition of Cancer patients. Their condition took away Thakur sahab’ s mental peace and he started to work for the rehabilitation of cancer patients and till the time he was alive, he kept on working for cancer patients, education of poor children and upliftment of other weaker and backward sections of the society.
             Thakur Sahab took his last breath on 8th June 2004. At that time, he was working with Cancer Aid and Research Foundation, Mumbai for the help of cancer patients for last 40 years. After him, his son Kr. Vijay Vikram Singh Chauhan carried on the work of his father. From 2004, Vijay Chauhan is working for the cancer patients. His father was his ideal and he always wanted to keep his father’s dream and name alive. Thus to meet the purpose, he started this society by the name of his father and to carry on the work started by his father on 21st September 2012. Now the society is working for the welfare of Cancer patients, free education of poor children, employment generation, making sustainable livelihoods etc.
Pragati Rath
The Pragati Rath logo consists of two hands which are joined together and spread out to provide support, care and help to the people in need; three human figures which are the symbol of those lives which are suppressed, want to grow but unable to reach their fullness due to want of opportunities; the rising sun at the background which shows that we expect a new and beautiful dawn which is full of hope for every human being. The logo also contains a line ‘Hands Together Can Change Lives’ which is our belief, we really believe that if two hands join together for a common and good purpose, they can really change other’s lives. At the bottom of the logo, society’s sub title ‘Pragati Rath’ which means a chariot which is leading people towards the development and ‘SSSCSVESS’ is written, which is the short form of Shiv Shanker Singh Chauhan Shiksha Vikas Evam Samajotthan Samiti. The two main reasons for which Pragati Rath stands are the wellbeing of the people and the conservation of environment.
The blue colour of the hands and the background reflects the continuity of development as development has any real sense only when it is continuous, short term development is of no use; saffron colour of the human figures shows the prosperity which is the right of every human being; white colour is the reflection of peace, all should live peacefully and happily with unity and brotherhoodness. In short, the motto of Pragati Rath is to help each and every individual to reach his/her fullest by providing continuous growth and development, prosperity and peace.
Vijay Chauhan
Tejendra Chauhan
Hemlata Bhadauria
Assistant Director
Dr. Sandhya Chauhan
Centre Manager
Chief Advisor
Parul Jain

Prakash Singh 

Manager - H.R. & Projects

  • Approaching underprivileged
  • Respecting, listening and consulting them
  • Ensuring their participation in:
  • Planning
  • Skill & Capacity Building of YOUTH
  • Decision making
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and follow up
  • Sensitizing them regarding their rights
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Providing an environment that is fit for their growth and development
  • Have a professional and practical approach

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